bicycle trailer T1

bicycle trailer T1
Built for the Active Traveler
─ Trailer Luggage
Urban Cycling Life style
Easy to link a bike
30 Kgs / 60 Liters Capacity.
Wheel height is fully adjustable

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dom BT mallet

The wheel set is comprehensively enhance.

dom BT mallet

With the new firm handle joint,,it's more durable and convenient for you.

Suitable to almost any vehicle types

except 14" wheel or lower and rear mono fork.


bicycle trailer t1

Easy to Roll

hitch unit is clever design.
1.Flip and lift the handlebar
2. Adjust the wheel height
3. Link to a bike, and go.

1.Flip and lift the handlebar

2. Adjust the wheel height

3. Link to a bike, and go.

T1 Trailer

Waterproof and Mobility

The fabric is Nylon/PU waterproof. High position for better clearance. Low position for better balance.

New relationship with Travel

Check in as baggage at the airport counter.

When arrival, carry luggage, link to a bike, and go.

bicycle trailer t1

Use luggage only

Carry all your luggage and bike on it when traveling by rail or bus.
When other luggage are failed to roll on the rough terrain or stairway. T1 goes smooth and silent with it's heavy-duty inflatable 8-inch tires.


Good choice for your plan that needs changing transportation many times.
Fully support for backpacking tour.


bicycle trailer T1

Folded Size

74.5cm x 50.2cm x 32.5cm

Net Weight

4.6Kg/11lb, frame only

Maximum Load




Trailer Frame

6061 Aliminum Alloy


The fabric is Nylon/PU waterproof.


All vehicle types
except rear mono fork and 14” wheel or lower.

In the box

.Trailer(incl. frame and bag)
.Hitch unit
.Safety strap
.Safety flag
.Outer shell cover
.Users manual

Media Archive


VeloVision issue 36

"In fact it’s so good as a rather over-engineered suitcase that it might even appeal to customers who will never use its cycling functions." bicycle trailer t1

"Dom T1 is a very good bike trailer and the overall build quality is among the best I have ever seen on a bicycle trailer."

VeloVision online

"It’s a trailer which converts to a suitcase – could it be the best of both? The T1 is a very nice bit of kit to have around – it’s a stylish, baggage-handler-proof suitcase which you can easily wheel instead of carry."


"put down the wheel, it is bike trailer. put it back, it's an luggage with wheel."


"T1 luggage trailer, Show up"

Economic Daily News

"Riding high - T1"

dom trailer

Support and Download



No lubrication needed for metal trailer frame. Keep it clean to optimize use.When the trailer bag is stained, simply scrub it with laundry detergent, rinse out the detergent and air dry.
Checks all the screws regularly to ensure normal function.

Safety Information

Minimum turning diameter, left-turn 1.6M(5.2Feets). Right turn, 1.6M(5.2Feets)/18"、1.8M(5.9Feets)/26"、2.0M(6.6Feets)/29".
Tire Pressure: 20-35 Psi.


Carry cargo only, do not carry humans or animals.
Two- wheeled trailers may tip over, causing damage to the trailers, bikes or injuries to the rider. Please slow down when the trailer is making a turn or on uneven surfaces. Adequately lowering the trailer’s height can lower the center of gravity, thus reduce the possibility of tipping over.

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