T2 single wheel trailer


Why do you need a trailer when traveling?

It can share the load burden with the bicycle. It can be detached from the bicycle at anytime, and keep your bicycle light with weight. This is an individual and complete accessory. It will fit any bicycle models.

Why T2 has only one wheel?

It moves synchronously with bicycles. If rider get use to the side-effect, it won't tip over. Single wheel trailers are much for the long-distance or cross-country touring.

Does it need maintenance?

Other than checking any loose screws periodically, you should use butter to lubricate the POM headset occasionally. The T2 doesn’t need any special care. Just make sure to keep it clean.

What are the wear and tear parts? Where can you buy them?

The tire and inner tube are the normal wear and tears parts. The POM headset can be worn out after a long distance journey or under a bad road condition. Those parts or other accessories can be purchased at the authorized retailers or dealers.

How much can it carry?

It is suggested to carrying no more than 30kg's cargo (or 75 liters in volume).

Can T2 carry humans?

No. T2 can carry cargo only. Do not carry humans or animals.

What should I do if I lose the plastic hook ring?

You can use a rubber band for replacement. It is just an attachment for preventing the trailer from detaching from the retractable axle, not a supporting point.

How do you park the bicycle when you have a trailer attached?

You can try to find a standing target such as a pole, a wall, and etc. By using the T2 trailer’s turning axle as a supporting point and leaning on the standing target, you should be able to find the balance for parking. It is not appropriate to use the kick stand located at BB section. If you need to park for a longer period, you can detach the T2 trailer before parking.

Bikes requirement?

All quick-release hub's bicycles.

Does it waterproof?

The bag of T2 is 100% waterproof. The fabric is TPU. Conforms to EN-71/ROHS/CPSIA/California 65/REACH regulations.

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