T1 trailer luggage


How much can it carry?

It is suggested to carrying no more than 30kg's cargo (or 60 liters in volume). The weight limit of ordinary airlines is 20kg and in normal use, more than 30kg's cargo is very rare.

Will trailer and luggage slip off from the hanging buckles?

In this design, we stress on the easy conversion between trailer and luggage and pull-luggage case. Due to the weight of the trailer and luggage, it is very unlikely to slip off, and the safety buckle is designed to prevent slipping. Therefore, please ensure they safety strap is fitted properly.

Is the joining hook set tough enough? Could it be broken?

Joining Hook Set is made of tough stainless steel and under transient high torque, it may be deformed but not broken or causing damage to other components. When it is deformed, it can be fixed with pliers to rectify. You can buy a spare also.

Is there any after service offered in service, maintenance and replacement of parts and consumables?

We have our authorized dealer to provide service, maintenance and replacing of buckle ring, safety buckles, tire and tube.

Are service and maintenance required?

Other than check for any loose screw, regular lubricating of the handle joints, no extra maintenance is required. Just keep it clean.

Can a folding bike be placed inside of the T1?

It depends on the size of the folding bike. Some of the 14" folding bike might fit in, but it is not our design purpose. A folding bike with wheel size less than 14" is not practical on the road. If larger than 14", you need a much larger container than T1 to place it. When the size of the trailer or luggage is too huge, it will not be convenient to travel around. With T1, you can easily move around MRT or escalator.

When you travel with folding bike and luggage. If have to transfer on foot, it is recommended that you put the bike inside of the bike bag, then place it on top of the T1.

How to avoid falling off?

All two wheel trailer and luggages are with the potential of falling off. Other than handling carefully and familiar with the characteristics, the height of T1 wheel is gearlessly adjustable, allowing proper adjustment of the gravity center and to increase stability of the entire package.

Can it be used as luggage trunk?

Yes. It can be used as luggage trunk in long distance trip, or as shopping trailer and luggage. 8”inflatable tire is rigid and stable and it is suitable for all type of road surface. It is quiet and wheel will never lose or fail.

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