Innovative mounting system


Can I use the mounting cleats platform on any monkii series?

Yes. You can use the mounting cleats platform on any series. It fits with any colors, models, and series.

Other than different colors, do you have different styles of monkii water cages for selection?

We have two selections which are the “original” and the “V shape”. The head of the original water cage is closed and round. The way to set it up is by holding the cage and clicking it into the mounting cleats platform by sliding it down. The V shape model has an open part on the head. You need to insert the water cage head on the side into the first mounting cleats and then turn the cage and pull it down to click on the second mounting cleats.monkii

What is the purpose of using monkii cage [V]?

The side-in mode is for the smaller frame. Or, if you would like to put a long water bottle on it, there is no space limitation.

Will it become loose from the bike frame?

If the road condition is bad, or with the bicycle suddenly jumping, the water bottle will become loose from the cage, just like the other bottles.

Why do we need a fastener on the monkii cage?

By using fastener, you can carry any size and shapes of a water bottle. After tying up the bottle with the fastener, you can move the bottle with the cage together without detaching the fastener.

How many kind of monkii clips are there?

There are two kinds of monkii clips. The “original” has wider tube size range. It fits from 25-38 mm. The “S shape” has a simple design that fits with the tube size of 25-32 mm.

Where should I put the monkii clip?

You can put it on any section of the bicycle frame that has no water bottle cage lock hole on it, such as the down tube or the head tube. You can also put it on any other section that doesn’t bother you while biking such as the seat post or the top tube.

Does the monkii bag waterproof ?

The "monkii wedge" tool bags are not waterproof. The "monkii mono" bag is waterproof, still water may infiltrate from stitching or zipper in heavy rain.

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